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About Leadership Greater Madison-Youth

NOTE: The LGM-Youth program is currently on hold until local and state regulations and orders allow for in-person gatherings. Stay tuned for news about a summer leadership training experience.

Helping our community's youth learn the building blocks of leadership. Leadership Greater Madison–Youth (LGM–Youth) is a civic leadership development program for high school sophomores in Dane County. Every school year, two students are nominated by each Dane County high school to participate in the LGM–Youth experience. The program is comprised of a variety of hands–on, experiential learning opportunities that help young people learn about the community in which they live and – more importantly – allow them to see the leadership role they can play in that community. The monthly, day–long sessions include a wide range of leadership skill development activities and exercises; lively discussions and interactive conversations with local experts; a team project; and an invaluable opportunity to connect not only with youth from other schools, but also with a wide variety of community leaders from various backgrounds.

If you’d like to be alerted when there is new programming information for LGM-Youth, contact Lynn Wood at

Learning to Lead - It’s not uncommon to hear someone described as a “natural-born leader.” A Forbes magazine article (Are Leaders Born or Made? 11/21/12) concluded that while some people may be hard-wired to be leaders from birth, it’s more common for people to learn leadership. Leadership Greater Madison (LGM) has trained hundreds of community leaders in its nearly 25 years and is privileged to use its diverse and vast network of LGM Alum, mentors and community connections to provide leadership training to the next generation of community visionaries — high school students. Launched as a pilot project in 2015, LGM-Youth has educated and engaged more than 70 students from nearly a dozen Dane County school districts in its first four classes. These high school sophomores create connections with each other and with local decision makers; gain hands-on experience with current issues, local government, and service organizations; create a team project to help them make a difference in their community; and nurture leadership attributes such as self-awareness and teamwork. LGM-Youth strives to enhance participants’ traditional classroom experience by giving them an opportunity to see their community, its leaders and themselves in a new way while preparing them for constructive and responsible involvement in local affairs. In addition, participants in LGM-Youth are eligible to receive credit toward a Youth Leadership Certificate from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Students participating in the program will have a $50 tuition fee due by the first session to cover a portion of programming and material costs. Remaining program costs are covered by corporate sponsorships, individual donations and grants (actual cost per student is $1,500 - $2,500, depending on final enrollment numbers). Needs-based scholarships to cover the $50 tuition fee are available to qualified applicants. To inquire about scholarship opportunities, contact program coordinator, Lynn Wood at or 608-280-7511.

To apply for the Leadership Greater Madison-Youth program, please click here.
LGM c/o Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce
1 S. Pinckney, Suite 330
Madison, WI 53703

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