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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the LGM curriculum designed?
The LGM curriculum is designed to provide a broad civic education in fundamental concepts such as taxes, local government and social services. It also strives for flexibility to address other important issues as they arise, such as veterans’concerns and criminal justice. In addition to civic education, LGM incorporates leadership skill training in such areas as understanding collective impact, personal and social capital and collaborative partnerships. Keeping the program curriculum nimble ensures that LGM participants benefit from a meaningful program that will benefit them in their future community, professional and personal leadership roles. The full-day, monthly sessions that run from February through November incorporate a combination of experiential techniques, including: panel discussions, tours, exercises, simulations and group projects.

How are program session speakers, presenters or discussion leaders identified?
LGM is recognized as the gold standard in civic education and leadership skill training programming and as a result has developed lasting collaborative partnerships with area officials and local experts. Each session’s content drives the determination and selection of appropriate speakers, presenters and discussion leaders. LGM participants not only learn from the local experts and opinion leaders, but have the unique opportunity to talk with and create connections. Maximizing the human factor helps create strong networking opportunities and leadership bonds.

Are there age parameters for LGM participants?
Leadership Greater Madison welcomes applications by adults living and working in Dane County and the Greater Madison Area. There are no age parameters for LGM. While the majority of participants would be considered to be in the first half of their professional careers, age is not a program consideration. The variety of ages and personal and professional backgrounds adds to the richness of the LGM experience for its members.

What are the selection criteria?
Each year LGM strives to bring together a group of diverse individuals with a variety of assets and personal and professional experiences. Selection criteria such as current community activity, interest in local issues, education, professional experience and a desire to develop leadership skills are all weighed and provide guidance during the selection process.

When will I be notified whether I’ve been accepted into the program?
You should receive notification within four to six weeks prior to the start of the next program year.

What if I want to participate, but can’t afford the tuition?
LGM’s goal is to bring together a richly diverse and engaged group of individuals who share a goal to learn and get more involved and offers financial assistance, as needed. LGM offers a tuition discount for applicants who are nominated by LGM alumni, nominated by designated nonprofit organizations or who work for a recognized nonprofit organization. LGM’s supportive sponsors also make it possible to offer a limited number of scholarships for individuals who are considered exemplary and in need of financial assistance.

What is the application deadline?
Applications become available in October and are due by the end of December. A limited number of applications may be considered after that deadline if there are additional spaces in the class.

What is the time commitment?
LGM consists of nine (9) full-day sessions beginning in February and a graduation ceremony in December. Attendance and participation in all sessions is expected, but LGM recognizes that unforeseen events arise and members may miss up to two sessions throughout the program year. Class members are expected to be fully engaged during the sessions. There is generally minimal preparation or background reading for each session. In addition to the monthly sessions, members work together and participate in a team project that addresses a local issue and provides opportunity for putting your leadership skills to work in the community immediately.

What is the team project component of the LGM program?
LGM provides civic education and leadership skill training through a combination of monthly educational sessions and a team project. Early in the program year, participants are introduced to a variety of broad community concepts and are given guidance as they self-select a team and a community issue project. During the course of the program year, project members research the issue, develop collaborative relationships with local experts, develop a sustainable method to address the issue and implement the solution. Team project members not only address a crucial community issue, but develop important and lasting skills in the areas of teamwork, research, collaboration and organization. Each team also plans a half-day session during the second half of the program year in order to advance the work on their project and to introduce their classmates to their issue and project. At the end of the program year, each project team gives a brief video presentation at the graduation ceremony.

How much additional work will the team project require?
In general, the team project requires approximately an additional 40 hours beyond the regularly scheduled monthly sessions. Those 40 hours include team project meetings and collaborative research with community experts. Project teams coordinate their own meeting times based on team members’ schedules and availability.

Can I submit a team project idea if I’m not an LGM participant?
Team projects are identified and selected by the individual project teams. If you have a project idea or represent an organization that would like to consider partnering with an LGM team, contact program director (“experience Curator”) Lynn Wood at to discuss opportunities for connecting with the program curriculum and/or to explore team project partnership opportunities. We believe the development of the team project is an important aspect of the experience and, therefore, do not advocate for bringing forward specific project ideas for the teams’ consideration.
LGM c/o Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce
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