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Marcy Heim

Marcy Heim (LGM04) isn’t afraid to face her fears. In fact, she advises people to immerse themselves in their fears and shrink the fear into something manageable to overcome it. LGM Alumni Association President Jack Williams and LGM28’s Matt Flanagan (Madison Gas & Electric Company), talk with Marcy about her unique approach to inspiring others to “Raise MORE money. Do MORE good.”  Listen in to find out how Marcy’s leadership journey has led her on a path to achieve her mission of transforming the world through generosity. Through coaching, speaking, workshops, training and writing – Marcy inspires and teaches others the beliefs and actions that lead to more joy and more money. 

This energetic guest is also lead singer in the rockin’ girl band, “Marcy & the Hightlights.”  Marcy recalls touring with her band in the ‘80s when one night in rural Wisconsin she “took a chance” on a drummer and faced down cultural bias using her LGM experience as a guide. Curious about who that drummer is? Listen to this episode of “Lead From Where You Are” to find out more.


Marcy Heim is a certified fundraiser, author, international speaker and development coach, who shares inspiring presentations and coaching to generate major philanthropy. Marcy has over 20 years of major gift fundraising and management experience; holds the prestigious CASE Crystal Apple and the AFP Outstanding Fundraising Professional awards; and received her AFP Master Teacher designation. She is author of, "Empowering Your Board to Serve as Effective Development Ambassadors" and is soon to release her second book, "Strengthening your C.O.R.E. in Advancement." Marcy served as senior director of the University of Wisconsin Foundation, where she managed constituency development staff and programs for a college unit completing a $50,000,000 campaign under her leadership. In addition, Marcy coordinated the regional development efforts for the UW-Madison in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years throughout the UW’s successful $1.8 billion campaign. Marcy's firm, The Artful Asker, provides unique group and individual coaching programs and major gift workshops that combine both the mindset, as well as the traditional methods needed for major gift success.


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